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20.10.2022 DFI Embedded Systems 2022
20.10.2022 DFI Industrial Motherboards & Embedded SBCs 2022
20.10.2022 DFI Industrial Panel PCs & Displays 2022
20.10.2022 DFI System-On-Modules 2022
26.08.2021 DFI Industrial Motherboards & Embedded SBCs 2021
12.07.2021 DFI Embedded Systems Product 2021
05.07.2021 DFI Industrial Panel PCs & Displays 2021
05.07.2021 DFI System-On-Modules 2021
13.04.2021 DFI Automatic Robot Solution 2021

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Case Studies

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26.10.2021 DFI: Intelligent Weighing Machines
01.06.2021 DFI: Adds Horsepower to 5G Small Cellular and Multi Access Edge Computing
01.01.2021 DFI: Building the Most Agile Shelf Moving Robot
01.01.2021 DFI: Medical-Grade System Operates Quietly and Efficiently In A Hospital Environment
01.01.2016 DFI: Enabling Industrial Robot Control with Rugged Qseven Module
01.01.2016 DFI: Real-Time Monitoring Solution
01.01.2016 DFI: Reliable Mini-ITX Motherboard Optimized for Medical Imaging Solution


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DFI Presents in-Vehicle T-Box with Cybersecurity Solution VC900-M8M, Creates New Smart Fleet Management Applications

DFI aims at the smart transportation industry and launches their new low-power, energy-saving vehicle system, VC900-M8M, with the NXP... hier weiterlesen


DFI Launches Ruggedized IP69K Rated Waterproof Industrial Computer ECX700-AL

DFI, the global provider of industrial computers, has introduced its ECX700-AL ruggedized x86 PC for outdoor edge computing applications.... hier weiterlesen


DFI Announces Cutting-Edge Technologies and the World’s First High-Performance SBC at Embedded World 2023

DFI, a global leader in embedded motherboards and industrial computers, today announced that they will be participating in Embedded World... hier weiterlesen


DFI Reveals New PCSF51 1.8" SBC with High Performance AMD Ryzen™ R2000 Processor for Industrial Applications

DFI today announced their latest PCSF51 next-generation 1.8” Single Board Computer at Embedded World 2023. The 1.8” SBC powered by the... hier weiterlesen


DFI Empowers Edge AI Deployment with EC70A-TGU Compact Fanless System

DFI, the leading global provider of embedded solutions and Edge AI computing technology across multiple industries, is releasing the new... hier weiterlesen


DFI Responds to the "2022 Intel® DevCup": Accelerating the Implementation of Edge AI Applications

DFI has been dedicated to developing and integrating edge computing products in response to AI, industrial IoT, and 5G trends. DFI has been... hier weiterlesen


Accelerating Long-Distance Transmission with DFI IDP-MS HDBaseT Solution

DFI, the leading global provider of high-performance computing technology across multiple embedded industries, unveils the... hier weiterlesen


DFI erhält Zertifizierung für Treibhausgas-Bilanzierung und fördert Aktivitäten zur Energiewende

DFI, der weltweit führende Hersteller von Embedded Motherboards und Industriecomputern, gibt bekannt, dass das Unternehmen von einer... hier weiterlesen


DFI New-Gen ADS Series Embedded Computing Solutions for Intelligent Workload Optimization

DFI is releasing the new ADS Series of embedded computing solutions powered by the 12th Gen Intel® Core™ SoC processors. The new hybrid... hier weiterlesen


Great Choice for AIoT: EC500-CS Series Modular-Designed System

Aimed at the flourishing application of AIoT, DFI has developed the AI-enabled modular-designed system, DFI’s EC500-CS series. Simply... hier weiterlesen


Intuitiveres und kompakteres Design - DFI veröffentlicht den kleinsten Industriecomputer der Welt auf Basis des AMD Ryzen SBC in Pi-Größe

Erinnern Sie sich noch an den winzigen GHF51 in Pi-Größe, den ersten Single Board Computer (SBC) auf Basis des AMD Ryzen R1000 Prozessors,... hier weiterlesen


DFI’s New EHL Series Embedded Computers Bring Manageability and Responsiveness of Edge Devices to A New Level

As the applications of edge computing become more diverse, the pursuit for performance is also increasing. Industries also start to focus... hier weiterlesen


Die neuen Embedded-Computing-Lösungen der TGU-Serie von DFI beschleunigen AI Vision und Deep Learning mit der neuen Intel® Iris® Xe Architektur

Die neu angekündigte TGU-Serie ist mit dem Intel® Core™ SoC-Prozessor der 11. Generation ausgestattet, einem Hochleistungs-SoC mit... hier weiterlesen


DFI Neues Motherboard CS181 verkleinert die Basis von Deep-Learning-Modellen mit MXM und 5G

DFI bringt das neue Industrie-Motherboard CS181auf den Markt, das durch einen einfachen Mini-ITX-Formfaktor die... hier weiterlesen


Railway A.I. New Force - Highly reliable fanless computer with MXM GPU to enhance autonomous driving

DFI, the world's leading industrial computer manufacturer, has announced the RC300-CS high-reliability embedded system designed for the... hier weiterlesen


Details DO Matter! ES220-CS Support Dual 4K@60Hz HDMI with Intel Desktop Performance

What companies care about the most is cost-effectiveness. Inspection, anomaly detection, video processing, more and more AI solutions can... hier weiterlesen


World's first! A computer with auto warm-up? DFI 3.5" Desktop CS551 can run even at subzero temperatures

As edge computing has been rapidly expanding to every corner, users pursue computers to drive more functions with better performance to... hier weiterlesen

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