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Accelerate Your Edge AI Deployments with BCM's Intel® ESDQ Qualified ECM-RPLP Solution

BCM, USA, 10.06.2024 - Building on our previous announcement, we'd like to highlight the key features and potential applications of our Intel® ESDQ-qualified 3.5" SBCs, ECM-RPLP and ECM-ADLN. This article will focus on the ECM-RPLP. Here are the product highlights.

ECM-RPLP Product Highlights

Processor- formerly Intel® Raptor Lake P Mobile Platform:


  • support DDR 5 4800MHz up to 64GB


  • Intel® Iris Xe Graphic: select Intel® Core™ i7 and i5 Processors
  • Intel® UHD Graphics: select Intel® Core™ i3 Processor

Display Port – supports 3 Independent Displays:

  • 2 x DisplayPort 1.4a @60Hz (4096x2160)
  • 18/24 bits Dual Channel LVDS, eDP optional

2.5GbE LAN speed: 2 x Intel® Ethernet Controllers I226-LM

1 x USB Type C Thunderbolt 4

4 x USB 3.2, 3 x USB 2.0, 4 x COM Ports

12V-24V DC-In

M.2 E-Key CNVi, M.2 M-Key NVMe, M.2 B-Key with Nano SIM Card Slot

Fanless Operation 

The Processors

The ECM-RPLP 3.5" SBC leverages the robust Intel® Core™ i7-1365UE or Intel® Core™ i5-1335UE processors, which come with integrated AI capabilities suitable for a diverse array of applications. Key AI features include:

  • Intel® Deep Learning Boost (Intel® DL Boost): Accelerates AI inference tasks like image recognition and language processing, enhancing deep learning operation performance.
  • Vector Neural Network Instructions (VNNI): As part of DL Boost, VNNI speeds up convolutional neural network-based algorithms, crucial for AI image and video analysis.
  • Gaussian & Neural Accelerator (GNA) 3.0: A dedicated hardware accelerator for low-power, continuous neural network inference tasks such as noise suppression and speech recognition.
  • AI Software Framework Support: Compatibility with leading AI software frameworks and libraries, including TensorFlow and PyTorch, facilitates AI model development and deployment.
  • Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics: Provides GPU acceleration for AI workloads, aiding tasks like computer vision.
  • Efficient Multi-Core Architecture: Balances power consumption with computational needs through parallel processing of AI tasks. 

Data Transfer and Communications

Equipped with dual Intel® Ethernet Controller I226-LM, the ECM-RPLP boasts features that enhance edge AI applications:

  • High-Speed Connectivity: 2.5 GbE LAN ports support high-speed data transfers essential for real-time AI processing.
  • Synchronized Communication: IEEE 1588 support enables precise time synchronization, critical for coordinated timing in Edge AI tasks.
  • NBASE-T Support: Allows flexible network speeds over standard Ethernet cables, accommodating various deployment scenarios.
  • PCIe 3.1 Interface: Ensures a high-speed, reliable system connection, vital for fast AI workload processing.

Additionally, ECM-RPLP offers three M.2 sockets to support NVMe SSD and CNVi Wi-Fi 6 modules, enhancing system performance and capabilities. 

Fanless Design

The fanless design of ECM-RPLP provides several advantages.

  • Durability: More resilient to harsh environmental conditions, often found in remote edge computing locations.
  • Reliability: Reduced mechanical failure risk due to no moving parts, ensuring consistent operation.
  • Silent Operation: Ideal for noise-sensitive areas, as it operates without noise.
  • Energy Efficiency: Lower power consumption is crucial for battery-run or alternative energy-powered edge devices.
  • Compact Design: Suitable for installation in space-constrained environments typical of edge computing devices. 

Edge AI Computing Applications with ECM-RPLP

The ECM-RPLP is a versatile platform that excels in a variety of Edge AI computing applications.

AI-Enhanced Health Information Management

  • Immediate Personalized Care: Leveraging data from wearables and sensors, healthcare providers can deliver prompt and tailored care.
  • Critical Low-Latency Applications: Edge computing’s real-time data analysis is essential in healthcare, where every second counts.
  • Predictive Maintenance for Healthcare Equipment: By analyzing equipment data, edge computing anticipates maintenance needs, ensuring optimal operation and minimizing downtime.
  • Continuous Patient Monitoring: Offers uninterrupted patient surveillance, providing clinical teams with instant insights.

Retail Analytics

  • On-Premise Customer Behavior Analysis: Utilizes AI to process customer data locally, maintaining privacy and expediency.
  • Real-Time In-Store Analytics: Empowers retailers with immediate insights, enabling swift decision-making based on live customer data.
  • Efficiency in Local Processing: Bypasses cloud latency, ensuring rapid delivery of AI-driven insights for actions like stock management or enhanced customer service.

Predictive Maintenance in Industrial IoT

  • Comprehensive Data Collection: Gathers critical sensor data across machinery, monitoring variables such as temperature and pressure.
  • On-the-Spot Data Analysis: The Intel® Core™ processors analyze this data in real-time, spotting trends that may signal impending equipment issues.
  • Proactive AI Analysis: Machine learning algorithms predict maintenance needs, reducing the risk of sudden equipment failures.

Smart Traffic Management System

  • Dynamic Traffic Signal Adjustment: Processes traffic and environmental data in real time, allowing for the optimization of traffic flow.
  • Minimized Data Transmission Delays: The I226-LM’s high-speed connectivity ensures swift data handling, vital for urgent traffic decisions.
  • Safety Enhancements: Rapid analysis and response improve safety by adjusting traffic signals to alleviate congestion and potential accidents.

These applications demonstrate the ECM-RPLP’s transformative impact on Edge AI computing, delivering enhanced efficiency, reduced latency, and increased safety across a multitude of industries.

The Intel® Core™ i7-1365UE and Intel® Core™ i5-1335UE processors empower these applications with their sophisticated AI capabilities, such as Intel® DL Boost, VNNI, and GNA 3.0. Moreover, the Intel Ethernet Controller I226-LM ensures rapid and secure communication channels. The ECM-RPLP’s fanless design offers unparalleled deployment flexibility in various settings, maintaining consistent performance and reliability. This combination makes the ECM-RPLP an ideal choice for businesses and sectors seeking to capitalize on edge AI computing’s benefits.

The ECM-RPLP’s Intel® ESDQ qualification underscores its optimization for power and performance, accommodating an extensive range of toolkits and specialized edge computing applications. It also ensures flawless compatibility with Intel’s Edge Insights Software Packages, pivotal for efficient deployment. By selecting our Intel® ESDQ-qualified products, you unlock a world of possibilities, enabling full exploitation of edge computing’s capabilities while benefiting from enhanced performance, seamless compatibility, and accelerated development timelines.

Herausgeber der Meldung (Text / Bild): BCM Advanced Research, www.bcmcom.com

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