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14.02.2023 Aetina AI Accelerator & GPU 2023
14.02.2023 Aetina DeviceEdge Jetson Series 2023
14.02.2023 Aetina Real-time AI Inference Ensures Accurate 3D Virtual Fence Solution 2023
14.02.2022 Aetina Edge AI Solutions 2022
24.11.2021 Aetina Small Form Factor Modules 2021
17.11.2021 Aetina DeviceEdge Mini Series 2021
17.11.2021 Aetina Jetson Edge AI Computing Platform 2021
08.10.2020 Aetina Platform AN810 with NX 2020
08.10.2020 Aetina Platform AX720 with Xavier 2020
01.01.2020 Aetina Industrial Embedded GPGPU Solution 2020
01.01.2020 Aetina Jetson Edge AI Computing Platform 2020

Application Knowledge


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17.11.2021 Aetina: Application Scenario Patrol Drone
17.11.2021 Aetina: Application Scenario Warehouse AGV
21.10.2021 Aetina: Securing the Future AIoT Connected Devices Intelligently

Case Studies

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21.08.2023 Aetina: Streamlining AOI Solution From AI Training to Deployment
21.08.2023 Aetina: Real-time AI Inference Ensures Accurate 3D Virtual Fence Solution
21.08.2023 Aetina: Retail Customer Behavioral Analysis
20.08.2023 Aetina: AI-Assisted Ultrasonic Imaging Advances Clinical Accuracy and Care
20.08.2023 Aetina: ML/DL Applications for Clarifying Complex Signals
20.08.2023 Aetina: Real-Time Hemodialysis for Heart Failure Prediction
19.08.2023 Aetina: Improves Traffic Safety via Vehicle Recognition and Device Management
17.11.2021 Aetina: Application Study KeCheng Automated Vision Inspection
17.11.2021 Aetina: Application Study SmartCow Face Mask Detection


Datum Bezeichnung

The Future of Industrial-Grade Edge AI - Transforming Industries with Energy-Efficient Jetson Orin

Aetina’s edge AI platforms and systems are now in mass production! Powered by NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin™, Orin™ NX, or Orin Nano™ module,... hier weiterlesen


Aetina Launches New DeviceEdge Embedded Systems and Platforms Powered by NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX and Orin Nano during CES 2023

Aetina, a leading provider of state-of-the-art edge AI solutions, has launched its new NVIDIA® Jetson™-based series of embedded systems and... hier weiterlesen


Latest AI Inference Platform for AIoT Applications

The AIP-SQ67 series is a powerful AI inference platform which brings unrivalled performance and expandability for use in AI and IoT. Unlike... hier weiterlesen


Aetina Launches First-Ever MXM Module Empowered by Hailo’s AI Inference Processor

Aetina, an edge AI solution provider that offers edge computing hardware and software for use in AI and IoT, has launched the first-ever... hier weiterlesen


Aetina Launches New ASIC-Based Edge AI System Powered by Blaize

Aetina, an edge AI solution provider that offers embedded computing hardware and software for AI and IoT, has launched a new ASIC-based... hier weiterlesen


Aetina Launches New Systems and Platforms Powered by NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin for Next-Generation AI and Computer Vision Applications

Aetina has launched new Jetson systems and platformsdesigned for use in advanced AI and computer vision applications. The systems and... hier weiterlesen


Aetina Launches New MXM GPU Modules for AI Performance Boost at the Edge

Aetina has launched new embedded MXM GPU modules powered by the NVIDIA® RTX™ family, including RTX A1000, RTX A2000, and RTX A4500. These... hier weiterlesen


Aetina Launches New High-Performance MegaEdge for Use of AI Inference

Aetina launches its new AI inference platforms - MegaEdge AIP-SQ37 and MegaEdge AIP-FQ47 series; the platforms can be flexibly integrated... hier weiterlesen


Aetina SuperEdge Powered by NVIDIA A2 GPUs Completes NVIDIA Certification to Deliver High Performance at the Edge

Aetina SuperEdge AIS-D422-A1, with high-level GPUs, can be used as an AI training platform in different fields including smart cities,... hier weiterlesen


Aetina Launches New Series of Edge AI Solution - DeviceEdge Mini

Aetina Corporation, a provider of Edge AI solutions, announced today during Computex 2021 its new series of DeviceEdge - DeviceEdge Mini,... hier weiterlesen


Aetina Releases Rugged VPX Board V3T5000-WRC & V3T3000-QRC, Powered by Quadro RTX GPU

Aetina Corporation announces the new series of rugged VPX boards powered by Quadro RTX GPU. The news coming product includes V3T5000-WRC... hier weiterlesen


Aetina Provide Chained Hardware & Software Pro-AI Service for Edge AI Solution

Aetina Corporation dedicated to AI solutions with the ambition to deliver a professional AI service. Today Aetina proudly introduces their... hier weiterlesen

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